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If you would like to have a special order picked up from a restautrant, coffee shop or fast food place that does not offer delivery, send us your order with the delivery address and if you are paying cash, debit or credit card. We will pick it up and have it delivered within the hour. Delivery fee $7, Debit is an extra $2.

We also do grocery order delivery. If you order through click and collect we can pick it up and deliver it for only a $10 delivery fee. If we do the shopping for you the delivery fee is $17, debit is an extra $2.

All grocery orders please send the confirmed time of pick up, name and address the order is under with any payment details ( ie: cash credit or debit ) .


If you would like us to do the shopping for you delivery charge is $17 and will be applied to the total.



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Please use the following format: 555-555-5555