Special Order

Delivery to your door!

Due to the line ups at grocery stores we will only do click and collect orders.  Or shopping at Freshco, Di Pietro Fresh Meat & Deli and Sobeys Sorry for the inconvenience. 

We can deliver your morning coffee, favorite meal from any restaurant in town, groceries from Freshco , Sobeys and Di Pietro Fresh Meat & Deli please specify.

If you're picky about brands or prices of items such as groceries or other goods please be as specific as you can in your order details. Otherwise, our staff will select the highest quality option available.

If an item is not in stock the shopper will omit that item from the order.

Order Online from any restaurants in town.  

We can get toilet paper from a wholesaler but it is a 4 roll per house limit. It is sold to us by the roll. Rolls are individually wrapped. If we are doing a grocery order and you want toilet paper and the grocery store is out of stock we will offer this as an option but it is an extra stop and a $3 charge will apply to the delivery fee on top of the regular delivery fee.

Fill out the form below and have it delivered to your door or office.  Please specify store.


Delivery policy

We do not deliver illegal substances as we are not licensed for that type of delivery. All Grocery orders must be paid via etransfer or credit card over the phone. Credit card is subject to 2.5% charge on top of the bill.


Grocery delivery fee $17. Debit is extra $3 and credit card is extra 2.5% on total bill.

Fast food, coffee, restaurant .... orders delivery fee is $7 and debit  is an extra $3 credit card is subject to a 2.5% additional fee on the total bill. Extra stops are $3 each additional stop under 5 items at the second stop, over 5 items is $5 extra charge.











Groceries, Coffee, Fast food, Cigarettes

Sorry but public orders have been disabled.